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Use case found for querying multiple databases

Today I finally found a use case for querying multiple databases.

Within 1/2 hour of each other I had two different individuals affiliated with a Drupal site tell me that pages which were there yesterday weren't today. Investigation into the site didn't turn up anything but broken links.

I wanted to know how wide-spread the issue was. I mean, were the pages dropping like flies?


Pro Drupal Development, second edition for Drupal 6

A wish come true:

A second edition of the excellent Pro Drupal Development book is slated for early summer, and will cover Drupal 6.


Drupalcon Boston 2008 sessions I attended

I've posted previously on attending Drupalcon Boston Day One, and included some notes. Most of my notes come close to being transcriptions of the presentations, so I thought it would be better to link directly to the session pages, rather than post the rest of my notes, to complete the cycle:

Day One

Report from Formal Drupal Usability Testing at the University of Minnesota Libraries

Dries Buytaert keynote


Drupalcon group photo posted on Flickr

If you know what I look like, you can play Where's mlsamuelson with the Drupalcon group photo:

Or look at all the series of group photos as we were converging:

Or see all public photos tagged with drupalconboston2008:

PS: I'll have more session notes - maybe just links to the sessions I attended, posted before long.


Drupalcon day one notes

Notes from two of the sessions I attended today. I also wrote some notes by hand, as I was conserving battery power. They're not represented here, and didn't accrue as many notes from me - and definitely aren't as organized. Those sessions were: Walkah's OpenID presentation, and Earl Miles' Nodequeue 2 and Panels 2 demo.


Cinequest and now Drupalcon Boston

I'm at Drupalcon Boston after having flown across country from San Jose where I had the pleasure to attend the premiere of my fried Alejandro Adams's movie, Around the Bay (I did the site!), at the Cinequest Film Festival. That experience was wonderful, and there's nothing quite so strange as to be the celebrated guest (you have to know Alejandro and his wonderful wife to understand this) of a celebrated filmmaker.


Install Snippits for text replacement on Kubuntu Gutsy

One of my favorite sites, Lifehacker, ran an article on a text replacement tool for Linux called Snippits a day or two ago. Basically, you type in a small bit of text, like "sig" and hit a key combination and the Snippits program looks up the text you've designated to replace that and it swaps it into place. Very nice. And very timely. I'd had a conversation with a friend the day before about how much I wanted that functionality.


Version control presentation for Boise Web Technology meetup

I did a short presentation on Version Control [PDF] tonight at the Boise Web Technology meetup. Attached are the slides, for those interested. It's biased towards SVN (i.e. that's what I demo'ed).

Since there are some Drupal folks who go to the meetup sometimes, I thought I'd point out my CVS Cheatsheet for Drupal.


Firefox vs. Opera in Linux

I've been trying Opera on Linux these last few days, due to an issue with Firefox not redrawing the browser screen on new page loads unless something other than a page load triggers a redraw (like the user resizing the browser).

I have mixed emotions about Opera. I really want it to work, however I it's looking like there are a few dealbreakers.

But first, let's start with the "pros."



Task manager equivalents in Linux running KDE

Need to check on how much of your system resources a certain program is consuming? (Maybe you left Firefox on over night and want to see how huge it is due it its famous memory leak).



Or on the command line:



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