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Firebug and Firefox 3 Beta 5 on Kubuntu Hardy Heron


After a long day of working in the yard, I sat down at my computer after the kids had gone to bed and decided that rather than falling asleep with my finger on the Z key while coding (which somehow leads to buggy code), I'd be better off doing something less involved. I opted to upgrade my Kubuntu Gutsy Gibbon install to the newest Kubuntu Hardy Heron release.

That went pretty well, but unsuspectingly, Hardy Heron installes Firefox 3 Beta 5, and a few of my standard plugins weren't supported yet. Namely, Firebug, which is essential in the development of my current project, which includes a fair amount of Javascript. What to do?

It went like this after the upgrade:

  • Load Firefox 3 Beta 5, get message that some add-ons haven't yet been upgraded. Go, "Dude, no!"
  • Immediately do a search for "firefox 3 firebug" and find a few posts by folks who were saying, to tweak stuff.
  • Install Firebug 1.05 and 1.1 and discover that I didn't need to tweak the stuff reported, because they were already reflected in those files, but also, note that Firebug was, well, buggy. (I could only open it in a new window, and the styles and image pathes were broken). Bummer.
  • Do some more searching, and find this.

The solution: don't install Firebug from the web, get it from the repository! Do

apt-get install firebug

Or use the Adept Package Manager.

And then it just works.

Thanks Ubuntu people.

(Now, to tweak my touchpad settings again in the xorg.conf... the "Accidental Touchpad Tap of Doom" is killing me.)


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