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new site: Idaho Library Association


In my capacity as web master for the Idaho Library Association (which is technically not part of my Dotted i work, but instead a product of a professional affiliation) I recently redesigned and launched a new, Drupal-powered version of that organization's web site.

I'm rather proud of the theme of the site, which changes depending on the season (summer or winter at the moment, until I come across some great Idaho landscapes for fall and spring at wide aspect ratios).

The impetus behind this redesign, was to streamline the process for posting meeting minutes and other business documents on the site. Rather than requiring every document to be fed to me, the web master, I wanted a system that would allow - empower, even - the ILA's officers to post their own documents and even blog entries on the site using an interface that's less complicated than a web-based email program.

I'm looking forward to getting out of the way more, and letting the site happen on its own.

For Dotted i, I have recently launched a few new sites. Once I ask the clients for permission and am granted it, I'll post them on the portfolio page.


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