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Drupal Universe on Netvibes


Hope I'm not jumping the gun on announcing this, but I wanted to draw attention to the new Drupal Universe on Netvibes. It's pretty sweet.

For those not familiar with, it's something of a RSS newsreader/personal start page/web widget service.

I've begun using Netvibes lately to keep track of my myriad of feeds and to display a clock with multiple timezones on it so that when I'm in Drupal's IRC channels I can see what time it is in the different parts of the world from which Drupal's various personalities hail.

Over the last few years I've kicked around various newsreaders, and I always find something that dissatisfies me. Jury is still out on Netvibes, but I'm liking it so far. The "little ports" display of feeds arrayed across a page (this is configurable, so it doesn't have to be that way) helps me get a captain's chair view of post titles and easily dispatch those that don't interest me or for which I don't have the time. This feels different than my experience with Google Reader, which somehow intangibly seems to require more of me.

It's great to see Drupal as a Netvibes universe. That means there's a pre-made page of feeds, calendars, pictures related to Drupal that anyone can visit without requiring a user account or any setup.

Kudos to Matt Farina and anyone else who may have helped put this together.


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