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I was giving a presentation ("A Web 2.0 Vocabulary") for the Idaho Library Association's SW Regional Conference today, and as I was discussing how libraries might incorporate social bookmarking (particularly into their inward-facing and out-ward facing services, one of the attendees said, "We're going to be doing a page for young kids on our web site that is being put together in Drupal, and should we use for..." And where that goes is not this story.

The story is: I decided to ask her after my presentation which school district she was with (as she'd mentioned working in a school library) because I've been kicking around the idea of starting a Drupal user's group for SW Idaho.

So I asked her, as everyone was filing out, who her school tech person was and she pointed out that I was mistaken about her working in a school library. She'd used to work for a school library, but now she was with a public library in the area and they were using Drupal via the same e-branch project that I'm the technical lead on. Rather amusing to discover that the mystery tech person was myself.

Reminds me of the time I was searching Google for some topic unrelated to myself, and yet, there I was in the search results because apparently I had a pretty awesome collection of bookmarks for that keyword in my account. It's a strange, unique feeling to find yourself at the end of a web search when you're not expecting it.

I think I smiled and said, "Hello stranger."

(The presentation went real-well, by the way, despite me being so adversely affected by all the elm pollen in the air. Kind of lost my voice, though. Called my dad after the presentation and he didn't recognize me.)


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