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Drupal newsletter revived


After having been on a hiatus of sorts this last year, a new Drupal Newsletter (for June 2007) was delivered via email today and also appears on the front page of, and it bears an article I wrote!

The article "How Not to Render Your Site Obsolete in Six Months" was culled from my experiences an administrator of a 60+ multi-site installation of Drupal, where upgrade paths can get complicated...

Read the newsletter!

My inspiration for the article was the fact that I understand why the initial author of the "The Developers MUST Be Stopped!" thread on felt the way he did, even though I don't agree with him. (That's my favorite subject line on, by the way - it makes me chuckle.) It can be disconcerting to know you should upgrade your site to keep in step with Drupal developments and security fixes, but not have the skills or knowledge necessary to feel empowered about the upgrade process - ie. you're dependent on the module maintainers to update their modules so that when you go to upgrade you don't end up with a gaping hole in the middle of your site...

This can be a big problem for folks who don't know PHP or who only casually follow Drupal development. I advocate for careful selection of modules by those who haven't gotten up to the point in the learning curve where they're comfortable making patches to modules, etc. Ultimately, though, one needs to empower his- or herself by learning the underlying technologies and how Drupal works, or by hiring someone who does.


Great Advice!

Thanks for sharing the excellent article, Michael. I figured out a couple of the tricks you mentioned on my own, but there were definitely a few that hadn't occurred to me yet. I've started to prepare for upgrading my library's website in the next couple of months, so this is a great article to have in front of me.

I'm still working on inching my way up the learning curve and I appreciate all the resources and advice you've sent my way.

I'm glad to hear...

I'm glad to hear the article was helpful. Thanks for the feedback.

I hope your upgrade path is fairly straightforward and that all goes well.

Hey, I could see that on a fortune cookie: "Your upgrade path will be straightforward and all will go well."


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