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Rename Master - bulk file renaming


Last week I discovered I'd made a goof and transposed the order of month and day in a batch file running MySQL backups on a Windows server. So, instead of mybak20070523.sql being followed by mybak20070524.sql, I had about 90 files in order like mybak20072305.sql then mybak20072306.sql.


I'm sure it's not too difficult to write a Perl or Python script to quickly rename a passel of files, but neither of those languages was on the server, so I sought out a bulk file renaming utility and found the freeware program Rename Master.

It worked very well. I didn't identify any functionality for transposing characters, but it was easy enough to configure the program to cut off the erroneous date and replace it with the file created date - just right for backup files.

There are a lot of nice touches in the program. It's a standalone application, meaning there's no installation required, and you could run it off a USB drive if desired. It provides a live preview of how files will be renamed with the current settings, and, impressively, it has undo.

Rename Master would rock for photographers, MP3 aficionados, or anyone who has a lot of files to rename.


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