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moving up the Drupal Learning Curve


I've begun to assist with maintaining a couple Drupal modules authored by Jeff Eaton, Drupal rockstar and Lullabot employee. The Insert Block and Insert View modules allow a person to embed a Drupal block and view, respectively, into the body of a page/node. Pretty elegant modules.

And fun for me, they have room to grow. I've added handling to each that allows the modules to work on Printer Friendly pages, which they hadn't done before, as far as I can tell. And there's more I'll be adding, soon...

I think I've sussed out the Drupal developer workflow for the most part, and have gotten comfortable with it. As with many things, no matter how well-documented (and Drupal's is well-documented) it's something of a black-box until you throw yourself into it, and emerge on the other side, saying, "Hey, that wasn't that difficult."

I've even started using Vi, when I have the opportunity... and I like it.


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