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Drupal: lines of code comparison


Dries Buytaert, Drupal project lead, posted an interesting set of graphs derived from metrics provided by, a directory of open source software that provides a number of metrics about the projects it indexes.

The graphs show that measured in lines of code (LOC), Drupal is 1/8th the size of Joomla. It's even less than 1/2 the size of WordPress!

What's amazing about this observation is that Drupal is noted for its exhaustive flexibility and functionality. Granted much of that functionality is in the form of third-party ("contributed" to use the Drupal term) modules not included in the LOC coun - but I would hazard a guess that an average module is somewhere around two to three thousand LOC, so a person would have to employ quite a few modules to significantly bulk up the size of their Drupal installation. And as indicated in the comments on Dries' site, the size of the other projects don't include their contributed modules either.

Quite an impressive stat for Drupal!


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