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I recently completed a redesign/relaunch of Key features include: empowering the client to update their own content easily using a browser-based interface.

Additionally, adding images to the site is automated for the client - no resizing or cropping of the original photos is necessary, as the site handles that when the user uploads the photos. Check out

Lastly, I helped the client to rethink how they were presenting news and content from their mail-based newsletter. Gone are the monolithic PDF newsletters that used to be housed in the site. They were a pain to open, not as high profile as they should have been to both users and search engines. The new front page of the site is, basically, a blog, as are other pages. We created these multiple blog-style pages using the wonderful Drupal views module, and each of them provides an RSS newsfeed so fans of the site can subscribe and easily stay up-to-date with news and tips provided by

In the two weeks since the site launch, the client has added a number of pieces of new content and reports the site's administrative controls are easy to use.

...success! (Thanks Drupal community, for the wonderful tools!)

Modules integral in the site: imagefield, imagecache, cck, views, views_bonus, and my new personal favorite - BUEditor.


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