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Creepy Canary movie site


It's a very creepy website. I feel an arresting sense of altered reality by entering this zone. Very akin to the feeling on set for my day on Canary.
- Eli Kramer on the web site we built for Canary

Last week we launched a new Drupal web site for an independent movie in production in California: The producer/director is one of my closest friends, and the movie, actually is based on a short 7 minute movie my wife (who did most of the writing) an I (camera and editing) made with friends a few years back for a 48 hour film competition.

We'd had a great time and produced an amusing, satirical short about a future where "organ reclamation experts" retrieved transplanted organs from recipients who didn't live according to health standards. This short was unfortunately marred by a glitch in the rendering of the final video and because the competition put us on a deadline, we didn't have time to re-roll the video and the issues had to stand. Some of the funniest moments (including the last lines of dialog) were lost to a second or two of garbled blue screen. As a result the audience didn't know what to think. They missed some serious cues as to the tone of the film... But since then, everyone who's seen the non-marred version has told us they liked it.

And now our serious filmmaker friend in California, Alejandro Adams, is taking the concept and doing a feature. Wow. If you know how professional and smart this guy is, you know that's an amazing compliment.

Last year we did a site for Alejandro's film "Around the Bay" using Drupal. We'd worked with him on other sites before, and he's very competent designing and launching sites on his own, but the content management system helpfulness of Drupal has proven to be something of a revelation:

I love playing around with things, within the parameters you've created. It
allows me to learn without having to commit too much mental energy. I just
re-arranged the main menu at the top by content--since we have cast/crew
info and stills, I put them before the blog. I'll re-adjust as things go
- Alejandro Adams, in an email

It's a great feeling that we've been able to provide a tool that unburdens this director (and friend!) with the technical details of running a site and unleashes his creativity (and that of his cast and crew, all of whom have personal blogs on the site!) to focus where it's most valuable for his project.

And it's simply a bonus that one of the actors called the site "creepy" (which is tonally in keeping with the film, I take it). :)


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