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Recommended Drupal modules


This is a list of some of our favorite Drupal modules. It will be updated from time to time.

Pathauto - automatic creation of path aliases based on your settings.


BUEditor - add markup to posts via buttons (and you can add your own!)

Imagefield + imagecache

Views - query builder

CCK - content construction kit

CCK's Node reference and User reference
(especially in combination with views)
(... not sure about handling reciprocal references...)

Global redirect - resolves the trailing slash issue for better SEO

Path redirect - adds options for redirects for better SEO

Related links - implements some heuristics to find content related to current node

Panels 2 - advanced layouts and content display, and contextual powers

Nodequeue - manage and order a special list of content (with tweaky control in a way Views doesn't let you)

Workflow_ng - configure advanced workflows based on events in Drupal

Views bookmark - let users bookmark pages in a site

Content access - the most sane solution to the access control that I've found

CAPTCHA and ReCAPTCHA - spam prevention

Coder - code review for modules and module upgrade help

Haven't tried, but want to keep on the radar:

Search attachments - index the contents of .docs, .pdfs, and .txt files

Teleport - productivity enhancement that lets you jump to pages in a site using a Quicksilver-like interface

Modules I maintain

Insert View - embed views into nodes and blocks without using PHP

Insert Block - insert blocks into nodes without using PHP


Appreciate the recomendations

Yes, it does seem like there are a lot of Drupal modules out there. Couple tips before downloading a module that might save you some headaches - first take a look at the issue queue for the module and:

a) make sure that people seem generally happy
b) how active the developer(s) are (do they respond to issues)
c) if there are any worthwhile pathes posted
d) if anyone in the threads has posted a recommendation for a module that does the job better

Thanks for your comments, and it was good to speak with you and your team - very exciting project, indeed!

Also, this is a fun link - the list where newly posted modules show up.

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