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Cinequest and now Drupalcon Boston


I'm at Drupalcon Boston after having flown across country from San Jose where I had the pleasure to attend the premiere of my fried Alejandro Adams's movie, Around the Bay (I did the site!), at the Cinequest Film Festival. That experience was wonderful, and there's nothing quite so strange as to be the celebrated guest (you have to know Alejandro and his wonderful wife to understand this) of a celebrated filmmaker.

While we were there, Sammy and I got to see rough edits from Canary, Alejandro's next project based on a short that Sammy and I did with friends a few years back, and the footage made us very excited.

But now, on the heels of that, I'm in Boston attending the 2008 North American Drupal conference: Drupalcon Boston. Talk about being blessed!


The pleasure was all ours.

The pleasure was all ours. I wish you guys could have stayed for the whole festival. Well, actually, I wish you lived right next door.

We do too. :)

We do too. :)

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