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Drupalcon Boston 2008 sessions I attended


I've posted previously on attending Drupalcon Boston Day One, and included some notes. Most of my notes come close to being transcriptions of the presentations, so I thought it would be better to link directly to the session pages, rather than post the rest of my notes, to complete the cycle:

Day One

Report from Formal Drupal Usability Testing at the University of Minnesota Libraries

Dries Buytaert keynote

Mapping Business Requirements to Drupal: a Gap Fit Process

Panels 2 and Nodequeue 2

(Couldn't attend due to conflicts: Drupal for Fun and Profit: Making a Career Out of Open Source and Drupal Multimedia)

Day Two

The Future of Fields

Theming with the Theme Developer Module

"No Tears" Method for User Centered Design

Training Drupal Developers

Drupal Newsletter Birds of a Feather

(Conflicts prevented attending: Burn the Help Manual: A Strategy for Self-Explaining UX Design and Best Practices in Development Environments, Staging, Build Management, and Production Environments)

Day Three

Simple Test: Because Clicking Links is for Suckers

New JavaScript in Drupal 6: AHAH and Drag and Drop see also

Creating custom workflows for Drupal applications - taking advantage of core hooks and context

Documentation - Challenges, Travails, and Myths

Special Birds of a Feather with John Resig, creator of jQuery, on the state of jQuery

(Conflicts, couldn't attend: Drupal Security - Best Practices and Process Discussion and Sex Drupal & Rock n Roll - a Theming love story and Open Source, Open Resumes - Finding and Becoming Drupal Rockstars)

Day Four

A Developer's Assistant - Using Coder for Module Developers and Maintainers Redesign Panel

Site Recipe: Tracking Event Results With CCK and Views

Zen and the Art of Drupal


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