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markItUp module for Drupal... almost there


I've been sick these last two weeks, but working as much as my constitution allows, on the markItUp module for Drupal. markItUp is a jQuery based plugin that adds code insertion buttons to affected textareas. The markItUp module integrates this excellent piece of jQuery into Drupal, allowing users to target specific URLs and textarea IDs to be affected, and allowing the site admin to define which editor skin and button set combinations should be applied to which input formats... and also allows for dynamic switching of editors when the input format switches.

Fun stuff. I found I had Javascript chops I never knew I had... but that I also have _a_lot_TM to learn.

Posting this because tonight I finally committed the version of the Drupal markItUp module that uses markItUp 1.1 to CVS and created a release for it. It's nearly feature complete, but not without a few glitches I'm hoping to iron out (or that someone else might submit patches for, now that it's in CVS).

I plan to write more later... including a "death to WYSIWYG" post to celebrate the occasion.


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