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Second patch to Drupal Core

Had my second patch to Drupal Core submitted the other day. It's a good feeling.


Doing Drupal right; or Drupal, project management, and information architecture

Due to a rather complicated project, and another project that somehow slipped past important aspects of my usual process, I've been studying up on project management, software development processes and methodologies, looking to refine my system. Apparently, these topics are also on the minds of others in the Drupal development community:


Gold for Drupal themers: get_defined_vars()

I remember when I first started working with Drupal, one of the biggest challenges when theming was discovering what variables were available to me.

Perhaps I didn't like the formatting of the date as supplied by the default $submitted variable and wanted to see if there was a simple timestamp I could format...?

Luckily I came to learn of the get_defined_vars() PHP function which returns an array of all defined variables within the current scope.


Leveling up on Drupal

It's been a few weeks since I last posted.

Been rather busy. VERY busy to be exact. But that's a good thing. I've got a few large projects in the works - Drupal projects for clients, as well as converting the sites of some long-time clients over to Drupal. (Cool!)

I recently programmed a custom search interface for a Drupal site I'm working on and that was a great learning experience. Feels like I leveled-up on my Drupal skills.

More good things to come...


Komodo - my favorite editor

I've spent the last six months searching out the best development environment for coding in PHP, specifically with work related to the Drupal content management framework.

Screenshot of Komodo Edit, decked out in my custom color scheme: charcoal rainbow


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