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Drupalcon day one notes

Notes from two of the sessions I attended today. I also wrote some notes by hand, as I was conserving battery power. They're not represented here, and didn't accrue as many notes from me - and definitely aren't as organized. Those sessions were: Walkah's OpenID presentation, and Earl Miles' Nodequeue 2 and Panels 2 demo.


Cinequest and now Drupalcon Boston

I'm at Drupalcon Boston after having flown across country from San Jose where I had the pleasure to attend the premiere of my fried Alejandro Adams's movie, Around the Bay (I did the site!), at the Cinequest Film Festival. That experience was wonderful, and there's nothing quite so strange as to be the celebrated guest (you have to know Alejandro and his wonderful wife to understand this) of a celebrated filmmaker.


Second patch to Drupal Core

Had my second patch to Drupal Core submitted the other day. It's a good feeling.


Kids and code

This Friday I'll begin teaching a 5-week enrichment class in HTML at my daughter's elementary school. (Not that she signed up for the class. She opted for ceramics...)

I'm hoping to put some great training materials together, and to post them on this site eventually under a creative commons license.

On a related topic, today in one of the Drupal IRC channels, I learned that a Drupal contributor who's work and thoughtfulness I've admired is 12 years old.

That. Is. Awesome.

In fact, I use one of his contributed modules regularly.


Doing Drupal right; or Drupal, project management, and information architecture

Due to a rather complicated project, and another project that somehow slipped past important aspects of my usual process, I've been studying up on project management, software development processes and methodologies, looking to refine my system. Apparently, these topics are also on the minds of others in the Drupal development community:


Gold for Drupal themers: get_defined_vars()

I remember when I first started working with Drupal, one of the biggest challenges when theming was discovering what variables were available to me.

Perhaps I didn't like the formatting of the date as supplied by the default $submitted variable and wanted to see if there was a simple timestamp I could format...?

Luckily I came to learn of the get_defined_vars() PHP function which returns an array of all defined variables within the current scope.


My Drupal CVS cheatsheet

I was searching today for info on how to proceed on a specific Drupal CVS task, and in the first page of search results I happened upon a CVS examples document I put together for myself and subsequently posted in an online pastebin so a co-worker could grab a copy for himself. This was in the first page of Google's search results* and it got me to thinking, why don't I post this on my own site for reference and so that others could benefit.


Leveling up on Drupal

It's been a few weeks since I last posted.

Been rather busy. VERY busy to be exact. But that's a good thing. I've got a few large projects in the works - Drupal projects for clients, as well as converting the sites of some long-time clients over to Drupal. (Cool!)

I recently programmed a custom search interface for a Drupal site I'm working on and that was a great learning experience. Feels like I leveled-up on my Drupal skills.

More good things to come...


Boise Drupal Users Group

Last week I came across a few Drupal users in the greater Boise area, and so I decided it was finally time to set up the Boise Drupal User Group.

Not a lot of activity there yet (even from me - I'm rather busy with projects at the moment), but I hope we can make something of a vibrant community of Drupallers in the Treasure Valley - and give back to the larger Drupal community as well.


if you like this module, you might like...

screenshot of Drupal module page that says 'If you're looking for...'

I noticed earlier today that there were 14 pages or so of new Drupal modules listed on the new modules feed since last month. That's a lot to keep track of, along with all the other Drupal info that's whizzing past out there.

So it was with great appreciation today that I came across the Registration Role module while searching for a module to allow users to select their own roles.


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