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Drupal: lines of code comparison

Dries Buytaert, Drupal project lead, posted an interesting set of graphs derived from metrics provided by, a directory of open source software that provides a number of metrics about the projects it indexes.

The graphs show that measured in lines of code (LOC), Drupal is 1/8th the size of Joomla. It's even less than 1/2 the size of WordPress!


on not shifting gears

I love smooth workflows, efficient practices and logical progressions. Before I worked with Drupal I'd gotten my workflow highly refined.

  1. define/clarify site needs and functionality (work with client, share proposals, present wire frames)
  2. produce a workable, extendable data model (usually in the form of a relational database)
  3. code business logic (usually a PHP app)
  4. design interface and presentation layer (XHTML and CSS)
  5. test and debug
  6. reiterate back through this process as necessary for maturity

moving up the Drupal Learning Curve

I've begun to assist with maintaining a couple Drupal modules authored by Jeff Eaton, Drupal rockstar and Lullabot employee. The Insert Block and Insert View modules allow a person to embed a Drupal block and view, respectively, into the body of a page/node. Pretty elegant modules.


Drupal newsletter revived

After having been on a hiatus of sorts this last year, a new Drupal Newsletter (for June 2007) was delivered via email today and also appears on the front page of, and it bears an article I wrote!

The article "How Not to Render Your Site Obsolete in Six Months" was culled from my experiences an administrator of a 60+ multi-site installation of Drupal, where upgrade paths can get complicated...

Read the newsletter!


Drupal Universe on Netvibes

Hope I'm not jumping the gun on announcing this, but I wanted to draw attention to the new Drupal Universe on Netvibes. It's pretty sweet.

For those not familiar with, it's something of a RSS newsreader/personal start page/web widget service.


Komodo - my favorite editor

I've spent the last six months searching out the best development environment for coding in PHP, specifically with work related to the Drupal content management framework.

Screenshot of Komodo Edit, decked out in my custom color scheme: charcoal rainbow


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