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Doing Drupal right; or Drupal, project management, and information architecture

Due to a rather complicated project, and another project that somehow slipped past important aspects of my usual process, I've been studying up on project management, software development processes and methodologies, looking to refine my system. Apparently, these topics are also on the minds of others in the Drupal development community:


My Drupal CVS cheatsheet

I was searching today for info on how to proceed on a specific Drupal CVS task, and in the first page of search results I happened upon a CVS examples document I put together for myself and subsequently posted in an online pastebin so a co-worker could grab a copy for himself. This was in the first page of Google's search results* and it got me to thinking, why don't I post this on my own site for reference and so that others could benefit.


moving up the Drupal Learning Curve

I've begun to assist with maintaining a couple Drupal modules authored by Jeff Eaton, Drupal rockstar and Lullabot employee. The Insert Block and Insert View modules allow a person to embed a Drupal block and view, respectively, into the body of a page/node. Pretty elegant modules.


Komodo - my favorite editor

I've spent the last six months searching out the best development environment for coding in PHP, specifically with work related to the Drupal content management framework.

Screenshot of Komodo Edit, decked out in my custom color scheme: charcoal rainbow


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