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Leveling up on Drupal

It's been a few weeks since I last posted.

Been rather busy. VERY busy to be exact. But that's a good thing. I've got a few large projects in the works - Drupal projects for clients, as well as converting the sites of some long-time clients over to Drupal. (Cool!)

I recently programmed a custom search interface for a Drupal site I'm working on and that was a great learning experience. Feels like I leveled-up on my Drupal skills.

More good things to come...


Drupal newsletter revived

After having been on a hiatus of sorts this last year, a new Drupal Newsletter (for June 2007) was delivered via email today and also appears on the front page of, and it bears an article I wrote!

The article "How Not to Render Your Site Obsolete in Six Months" was culled from my experiences an administrator of a 60+ multi-site installation of Drupal, where upgrade paths can get complicated...

Read the newsletter!


Drupal Universe on Netvibes

Hope I'm not jumping the gun on announcing this, but I wanted to draw attention to the new Drupal Universe on Netvibes. It's pretty sweet.

For those not familiar with, it's something of a RSS newsreader/personal start page/web widget service.


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