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You know you're a geek when...

... you're sending an email and you choose to add words like 'cron' and 'grep' to the spellchecker's dictionary.

... you're writing a blog post (in North America) and you use single quotes where grammatical convention would dictate double quotes, but you dismiss grammatical convention thinking, "PHP would parse it fine either way."

... you're thinking you should adhere to the rule of three when writing a funny list like this, but then it occurs to you that you could argue the numbering started at 0, so 2 really equals 3.


family vacations - fighting the are-we-there-yets with podcasts...

I'm on vacation this week, up at beautiful Lake Pend O'Reille, trying to keep my kids from drowning themselves or falling on sharp rocks or passing out from heat stroke - we're in the upper 90's (Fahrenheit), and it occurred to me that perhaps the most relaxing part of this trip so far was the 9 hour drive up.


you just might find yourself

I was giving a presentation ("A Web 2.0 Vocabulary") for the Idaho Library Association's SW Regional Conference today, and as I was discussing how libraries might incorporate social bookmarking (particularly into their inward-facing and out-ward facing services, one of the attendees said, "We're going to be doing a page for young kids on our web site that is being put together in Drupal, and should we use for..." And where that goes is not this story.


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