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markItUp is available now...

The markItUp module for Drupal is now available for download, though there is still need for some polish, minor instructions, and for me - or some other interested party - to figure out why the live preview stopped working with the upgrade to the markItUp jQuery plugin version 1.1.


markItUp module for Drupal... almost there

I've been sick these last two weeks, but working as much as my constitution allows, on the markItUp module for Drupal. markItUp is a jQuery based plugin that adds code insertion buttons to affected textareas.


Recommended Drupal modules

This is a list of some of our favorite Drupal modules. It will be updated from time to time.

Pathauto - automatic creation of path aliases based on your settings.


BUEditor - add markup to posts via buttons (and you can add your own!)

Imagefield + imagecache

Views - query builder

CCK - content construction kit


if you like this module, you might like...

screenshot of Drupal module page that says 'If you're looking for...'

I noticed earlier today that there were 14 pages or so of new Drupal modules listed on the new modules feed since last month. That's a lot to keep track of, along with all the other Drupal info that's whizzing past out there.

So it was with great appreciation today that I came across the Registration Role module while searching for a module to allow users to select their own roles.


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