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I noticed earlier today that there were 14 pages or so of new Drupal modules listed on the new modules feed since last month. That's a lot to keep track of, along with all the other Drupal info that's whizzing past out there.

So it was with great appreciation today that I came across the Registration Role module while searching for a module to allow users to select their own roles.


Drupal: lines of code comparison

Dries Buytaert, Drupal project lead, posted an interesting set of graphs derived from metrics provided by, a directory of open source software that provides a number of metrics about the projects it indexes.

The graphs show that measured in lines of code (LOC), Drupal is 1/8th the size of Joomla. It's even less than 1/2 the size of WordPress!


family vacations - fighting the are-we-there-yets with podcasts...

I'm on vacation this week, up at beautiful Lake Pend O'Reille, trying to keep my kids from drowning themselves or falling on sharp rocks or passing out from heat stroke - we're in the upper 90's (Fahrenheit), and it occurred to me that perhaps the most relaxing part of this trip so far was the 9 hour drive up.


Rename Master - bulk file renaming

Last week I discovered I'd made a goof and transposed the order of month and day in a batch file running MySQL backups on a Windows server. So, instead of mybak20070523.sql being followed by mybak20070524.sql, I had about 90 files in order like mybak20072305.sql then mybak20072306.sql.



Launchy: file system teleportation

Having to traverse file system paths repeatedly (a common task facing web developers) is the virtual equivalent of lugging sacks of groceries up flights of stairs.

The scenario is this: a client emails a file ("Post this PDF on our site."). You choose to save the file and a dialog box opens either in My Documents or the last location you saved a file in this manner - perhaps another client's folder. So you start clicking. Let's go back to C:, then to "Program Files", to "Apache Group", then to "Apache 2" and ... so on ... and finally to "site-documents."


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