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Version control presentation for Boise Web Technology meetup

I did a short presentation on Version Control [PDF] tonight at the Boise Web Technology meetup. Attached are the slides, for those interested. It's biased towards SVN (i.e. that's what I demo'ed).

Since there are some Drupal folks who go to the meetup sometimes, I thought I'd point out my CVS Cheatsheet for Drupal.


Kids and code

This Friday I'll begin teaching a 5-week enrichment class in HTML at my daughter's elementary school. (Not that she signed up for the class. She opted for ceramics...)

I'm hoping to put some great training materials together, and to post them on this site eventually under a creative commons license.

On a related topic, today in one of the Drupal IRC channels, I learned that a Drupal contributor who's work and thoughtfulness I've admired is 12 years old.

That. Is. Awesome.

In fact, I use one of his contributed modules regularly.


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