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Application equivalents: screencapture

I plan to make an ongoing series of posts regarding equivalent programs for designer/developers in OS X, Linux, and XP. Most of the comparisons will be between programs that provide a GUI (or Graphical User Interface).

So how about screenshots? I've recently updated the portfolio section of this site, and that act is fresh in my memory. I opted to use Linux for this, but have previously used XP for the task.


Pressing the Print Screen button (or Print Screen + ALT to only grab the current window) copies an image of the screen to the system clipboard.


XP, OS X and Linux: working on a sane, productive workflow

Over the course of the last few months I've moved from using Windows XP as my sole design and development environment to a mixture of OS X, OpenSUSE Linux and XP in various contexts.

Recently I wrote the following:

everything a person can do can be broken down into smaller units of action. It's a wax on, wax off sort of deal. If we can just remember that, and then simply seek to learn the vocabulary and identify the moving pieces...

...then we can build mastery. It's never really that hard. It just takes perseverance.


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