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Drupalcon Boston 2008 sessions I attended

I've posted previously on attending Drupalcon Boston Day One, and included some notes. Most of my notes come close to being transcriptions of the presentations, so I thought it would be better to link directly to the session pages, rather than post the rest of my notes, to complete the cycle:

Day One

Report from Formal Drupal Usability Testing at the University of Minnesota Libraries

Dries Buytaert keynote


Version control presentation for Boise Web Technology meetup

I did a short presentation on Version Control [PDF] tonight at the Boise Web Technology meetup. Attached are the slides, for those interested. It's biased towards SVN (i.e. that's what I demo'ed).

Since there are some Drupal folks who go to the meetup sometimes, I thought I'd point out my CVS Cheatsheet for Drupal.


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