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Application equivalents: screencapture

I plan to make an ongoing series of posts regarding equivalent programs for designer/developers in OS X, Linux, and XP. Most of the comparisons will be between programs that provide a GUI (or Graphical User Interface).

So how about screenshots? I've recently updated the portfolio section of this site, and that act is fresh in my memory. I opted to use Linux for this, but have previously used XP for the task.


Pressing the Print Screen button (or Print Screen + ALT to only grab the current window) copies an image of the screen to the system clipboard.


Rename Master - bulk file renaming

Last week I discovered I'd made a goof and transposed the order of month and day in a batch file running MySQL backups on a Windows server. So, instead of mybak20070523.sql being followed by mybak20070524.sql, I had about 90 files in order like mybak20072305.sql then mybak20072306.sql.



Launchy: file system teleportation

Having to traverse file system paths repeatedly (a common task facing web developers) is the virtual equivalent of lugging sacks of groceries up flights of stairs.

The scenario is this: a client emails a file ("Post this PDF on our site."). You choose to save the file and a dialog box opens either in My Documents or the last location you saved a file in this manner - perhaps another client's folder. So you start clicking. Let's go back to C:, then to "Program Files", to "Apache Group", then to "Apache 2" and ... so on ... and finally to "site-documents."


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