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Drupalcon group photo posted on Flickr

If you know what I look like, you can play Where's mlsamuelson with the Drupalcon group photo:

Or look at all the series of group photos as we were converging:

Or see all public photos tagged with drupalconboston2008:

PS: I'll have more session notes - maybe just links to the sessions I attended, posted before long.


Drupalcon day one notes

Notes from two of the sessions I attended today. I also wrote some notes by hand, as I was conserving battery power. They're not represented here, and didn't accrue as many notes from me - and definitely aren't as organized. Those sessions were: Walkah's OpenID presentation, and Earl Miles' Nodequeue 2 and Panels 2 demo.


Cinequest and now Drupalcon Boston

I'm at Drupalcon Boston after having flown across country from San Jose where I had the pleasure to attend the premiere of my fried Alejandro Adams's movie, Around the Bay (I did the site!), at the Cinequest Film Festival. That experience was wonderful, and there's nothing quite so strange as to be the celebrated guest (you have to know Alejandro and his wonderful wife to understand this) of a celebrated filmmaker.


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