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Version control presentation for Boise Web Technology meetup


I did a short presentation on Version Control [PDF] tonight at the Boise Web Technology meetup. Attached are the slides, for those interested. It's biased towards SVN (i.e. that's what I demo'ed).

Since there are some Drupal folks who go to the meetup sometimes, I thought I'd point out my CVS Cheatsheet for Drupal.


Help for non-IT Drupal users

Can you recommend a site or a book or manual for non-tech Drupal users? I manage our web site, but I'm a designer, not an IT person. I purchased the Pro Drupal Development book, but it's way over my head.

I've been thinking about

I've been thinking about setting up an Amazon affiliate account, but too late for this one. :)

At you can find a listing of Drupal books, and links to sites where you can purchase them. The Pro Drupal Development book really is for developers comfortable with PHP, but most of the books listed on the page referred to are more general user centeric. Also, there are other books on the horizon, so keep your eyes out.

Also, there's a lot of great info to be had at If you go back to the beginning of their podcast and listen to the first three or so episodes, while the news will be outdated, there is a great intro to Drupal terminology, etc. And then just listen to those episodes that look interesting. There's a lot to learn. Keep in mind though that Drupal is always moving forward, and getting easier to use (I saw a presentation on the new theming developer module today that revealed just how easy theming is going to be in Drupal 6) so some of the stuff you might pick up in a Lullabot podcast that's a year or so old might be a little old.

And finally, I'd point you to for the latest in Drupal info.

Also, I'd be interested in hearing what you find difficult with Drupal. Certain areas of confusion, etc. There's a big push to improve usability in Drupal - especially for non-developers - and info you can share with me is valuable data I can take back to the community and use to try and affect positive change so everyone benefits.


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