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However, predicting how interest in soccer will grow in the US is complex, says Dave Berri, a sports economist at the Southern Utah University. In addition, at the end of the current Premier League rights cycle, soccer’s digital offer will be firmly established, while other American sports may still be catching up. Berri believes that sports fans want to watch the ‘best in class’. Adidas have taken things to a new level for the away kit, unveiling a kit that the club believes makes them resemble Inter Milan. And Genovese believes the timing is perfect for the broadcasters and the game, including the Premier League, since in 2026, the FIFA World Cup will be co-hosted by America, Canada and Mexico. The MLS is now a solid offer and analysts expect to see its value rise, but the broadcasters spend on overseas football may eat into the money available for the domestic game in the US. The younger viewers are also more likely to adopt the new technologies the broadcasters want them to use. It is a horrible way to think of a cherished figure in what are probably the final months of his playing career with the club. It could give soccer another huge boost two-thirds of the way through the next cycle.

One day I expect it to happen for him at Chelsea, in the same way I can see Steven Gerrard managing Liverpool. AC Milan have also been seen repping the same design as City’s, albeit in a black colour’. Olivier Giroud was pictured sporting it for the release – showing off the design that features the words AC Milan across the front. And in its place, the words ‘Man City’ are emblazoned across the front in sky blue, with the Puma logo and Etihad Airways sponsor above and below respectively. City have not disclosed the financial deal behind the sponsorship, but the space is valued at around a fifth of that of a main kit sponsor. The sponsor logo slightly tarnishes it, man city black jersey but it looks much better than last season’s black number. Biden said that when the Senate returns to Washington he would direct them to pass the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation plan as part of his ‘Build Back Better’ agenda. Not only do they look the part but these running shoes offer incredible value. The leaked jersey doesn’t look what it will look like. The jersey – which was leaked on Twitter – marked a departure from the traditional uniform sported by clubs around the world.

However, unlike the reigning Premier League champions, Dortmund made the decision to turn down Puma’s design after fans moaned about the ‘leaked’ shirt on social media. Puma’s shirt designs have always been a topic of controversy with the Dortmund fans, but their latest creation has caused quite a stir. Borussia Dortmund rejected Puma’s controversial third kit design as it removed the club’s badge from the front of the player’s shirts. Meanwhile, Manchester City officially unveiled their ground-breaking new third kit on Wednesday. Fans took to social media to voice their opinions over the shirt, with many saying it was ‘the worst’ kit design they had ever seen. Currently, media rights for Major League Baseball are worth $1.5bn per season – double the figure for soccer, but that will narrow significantly next year as new deals are struck. The Pole traded responsibilities with the veteran shot stopper before collecting the No.1 jersey the following season. As a result, Dortmund released a statement on Twitter that read: ‘Fans, your criticism of the cup jersey for the new season has been received. Puma have described the design as ‘progressive’ and have opted for a similar layout on Manchester City and AC Milan’s shirts this season.

Manchester United have revealed their new away strip for the 2016-17 season with a return to the blue often used for their change colours in recent seasons. They have also revealed all on the benefits of the kit, with its unique design helping to keep athletes ‘dry and comfortable’ as well as enhance ‘breathability’. And if the USA play well the impact will be multiplied. And it looks like the increases in the soccer deals will be greater than that achieved by baseball. All three colours of black, burgundy and yellow have featured on a Man City change strip, with neat results, in recent years but combined together it all looks a bit of a mess. He has delivered the title – five of them, in fact – at each of his last three clubs. One fan wrote: ‘Almost all of the jerseys from the last few years are not nice. I think the World Cup is a big reason why channels are betting on soccer in the next six years,’ said Genovese. And men think that’s worth it, so why shouldn’t we?