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A portion of the wall, including the 406-foot marker that can be seen with the Mazeroski ball going over it, was moved to Three Rivers and now to PNC Park. Not that I can think of, although some of those Giants-Packers title games were rough, made rougher by the weather. No matter what club you support, you can almost certainly find its game on TV there. This was also the site of the 1st football game played by an openly professional player. A professional athlete is often judged on the impact they create rather than their statistics and numbers. From the 1869 Red Stockings: The brothers Harry and George Wright (not to be confused with the Wright Brothers from Southern Ohio who invented the airplane in 1903, these Wright Brothers invented professional baseball). Red Line to Dormont Junction. Yellow, Grey & Red .. If you’ve ever seen the picture of Mazeroski in mid-swing, you’ll recognize the Carnegie Museum & Library in the background, and it is still there. Where the wall stops, you’ll see a little brick path, and eventually you’ll come to a plaque that shows where the ball hit by Mazeroski crossed over the fence to win the Series.

On May 12, 2014, the New York Times printed a story that shows NBA fandom by ZIP Code, according to Facebook likes. It’s unlikely that Pittsburgh will ever seek out a new NBA team. If they did get one, the metro area would rank 22nd in population among NBA markets. 73. A ball over the top puts Torres through on goal, but he’s unable to get the better of Schmeichel – and, as it turns out, the offside rule. Aside from Wright, the team doesn’t hit enough: Too many players are in the Dave Kingman mold of hitting the ball far when they connect, but striking out enough to still be a liability. Heinz Field. This is a far better palace for football than the concrete oval Three Rivers Stadium was. Three Rivers’ address, famously, was 600 Stadium Circle, and that location, which has (like the Civic Arena’s 66 Mario Lemieux Place) been stricken from postal records, was between Heinz Field and PNC Park.

Pitt Stadium was home to such legends as Dr. Jock Sutherland (a dentist and football coach), Marshall “Biggie” Goldberg, Mike Ditka, Tony Dorsett, and, if you want to stretch the meaning of “legend,” Dan Marino. From 1951 to 2002, before moving into Petersen, Pitt played basketball at Fitzgerald Field House. If you’ve ever seen a picture of a Gothic-looking tower over the 3rd-base stands, that’s the Cathedral of Learning, the centerpiece of UP (or “Pitt”), and it’s still there as well. As a result of there not being a consensus on who the all-time Yankee 2nd baseman is, neither Lazzeri nor Gordon has a Plaque in Monument Park. Yankees’ last game at the old Yankee Stadium: September 21, 2008, beat the Baltimore Orioles 7-3. Stayed in contention for the Playoffs until just before then, and officially eliminated in their next game. Check: The Yankees had that highly emotional 2001 World Series with the Diamondbacks, and the Mets played the D-backs in the 1999 Playoffs.

But the Pirates won 3 World Series while playing there, and the Grays won 11 Pennants and the 1943, 1944 and 1948 Negro World Series. The Steelers never won a title there, and indeed only hosted 1 Playoff game, which they lost. One of the most decent men ever involved with the game, he sadly died of a brain tumor in 1946, only 59 years old. The Phils won one Pennant there, in 1915. Same subway stop as Shibe/Connie Mack. The Pittsburgh Pipers, later renamed the Pittsburgh Condors, played there, and won the 1st ABA Championship in 1968, led by Brooklyn native Connie Hawkins. The Steelers hosted the AFC Championship Game in the stadium’s 1st season, 2001 (losing it to the New England Patriots, and again in 2004 (losing to the Pats again), 2008 (beating the Baltimore Ravens) and 2010 (beating the Jets). This card features a piece of David Villa’s Valencia game jersey from the 2005 season plus a piece of Cesc Fabregas’ Arsenal away game jersey from the 2008/2009 Champions League.

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