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Colback and Gardner are reduced to £2 each in the lead-up to Christmas, so grab them while you can. Hopefully you like Adam Johnson, Jack Colback or Craig Gardner though, because it appears you can’t buy any other players on the Black Cats’ website. Players will look equally at home in them playing at the Bernabeu or on Hackney Marshes. Admittedly it doesn’t look that bad but you can’t help think Nike are scraping the barrel for trying to think of ways to design a Villa kit. But on closer inspection, they are illuminated by glitter spots – indeed, manchester city soccer jersey apt for the man who attracts lightbulb flashes wherever he goes. Who stole the silverware. And for those last-minute shoppers who haven’t even begun to think about making a start with their selection, fear not. ‘I’d like to think that a female player might want to support Miss Kick because of what we stand for. As a stand alone kit though this is a solid effort by Puma.

Leicester City have unveiled the Puma shirt which will be worn next season when they begin the defence of their Barclays Premier League crown. Ever wished you were Diego Costa, pulling on a Chelsea shirt and heading out on to the Stamford Bridge pitch? Going all the way back to his giddy enthusiasm and social media posts over joining the club in 2013, the Brazilian marked himself out as different to many of the other global stars joining City at the time. Gives your precise location and tracking from over 34,000 courses worldwide, so you don’t need to worry about any hazards. We anticipated three and six inches over the course of the whole day and that turned into the biggest single rainfall in NYC history with almost no warning,’ he said. All three colours of black, burgundy and yellow have featured on a Man City change strip, with neat results, in recent years but combined together it all looks a bit of a mess.

Bike Commuter Rickie’s signature flat-brim comes in a range of colours. Ronaldo’s signature boots are a rival to any. Boots (probably). After making the feat of most goals scored in the Champions League his own last month, the Barcelona looks hell-bent on breaking new ground with his latest signature studs. Predator celebrated its 20th year on the pitch recently and these solar green and blue boots are the latest edition to the legendary collection, famed by the likes of David Beckham and Zinedine Zidane. Debuted in the Premier League this weekend, Nike have crafted the new shine through collection with the New Year in mind, ‘designed for players determined to shine through and make the most of every opportunity in 2015’. Easily one of the best boots on the market… Unfortunately, it’s free delivery over £60, so perhaps you could buy a ‘Boing Boing Chocolate Bar’ to make it up to the required price. Since Russia, Southgate has also added a number of exciting young talents to the squad over the past two years, with the likes of Jadon Sancho, James Maddison and Mason Mount springing to mind. ‘There were times growing up when I was a bit stupid but I was just being a young kid.

Aside from the addition or red sleeves and black trim being replaced by gold, you’d be hard pressed to fine much more differences beyond subtle ones. This December, Aston Villa fans are being treated to all their favourite festive hits, chosen personally by former striker Dion. Well the club are making that dream become a reality – sort of – with these Costa masks, just in time for Christmas. ‘There are some good players and some not so good players, the better ones could do well probably just below the Premier League. But it was good for them to have me as a role model – they certainly have a realistic view of what running a company is like! Made with kangaroo leather, these are the boot of choice for midfielders like Frank Lampard, David Silva, Gareth Barry, Fernandinho and Kevin Nolan. Umbro are back in the Premier League with Everton and Hull – and they are showing their top-flight boot credentials with this impressive, blacked-out concept design. Well this year, Burnley fans will be able to purchase a Santa-branded card, with tattooed knuckles to boot. New Year, new you?